Whiplash review.


Now just imagine a music version of hells kitchen. That’s right imagine Gordon Ramsay teaching music. Got that image in your head? Well you won’t be very far from Whiplash. The story of a would be Jazz drummer and his teacher who demands perfection and nothing less.
J.K Simmons puts in a stunning performance as the music instructor that makes Full Metal Jackets General Sargent Hartman look like a pussy cat. Miles Teller puts in a equally amazing performance of the drummer that goes through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the film. The chemistry of the two leads is so powerful it often explodes in a satisfying manor.
The film is gripping from the get go and the tempo is hopefully to the instructors liking. If I had to fault this movie its the romance side story but it does help to show Tellers passion and determination to succeed.
I would give Whiplash 9.5/10. Simply amazing.
“Just turn my pages Johnny Utah”


One thought on “Whiplash review.

  1. Good stuff! I agree completely. I don’t think I mentioned the romance, but you’re right, it really is half-baked and pointless. Filler in a film that really didn’t need any.


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