Whiplash review.


Now just imagine a music version of hells kitchen. That’s right imagine Gordon Ramsay teaching music. Got that image in your head? Well you won’t be very far from Whiplash. The story of a would be Jazz drummer and his teacher who demands perfection and nothing less.
J.K Simmons puts in a stunning performance as the music instructor that makes Full Metal Jackets General Sargent Hartman look like a pussy cat. Miles Teller puts in a equally amazing performance of the drummer that goes through a roller coaster of emotions throughout the film. The chemistry of the two leads is so powerful it often explodes in a satisfying manor.
The film is gripping from the get go and the tempo is hopefully to the instructors liking. If I had to fault this movie its the romance side story but it does help to show Tellers passion and determination to succeed.
I would give Whiplash 9.5/10. Simply amazing.
“Just turn my pages Johnny Utah”


Let’s be Cops Review.


Let’s be Cops is a comedy about two friends who wear some police outfits to a fancy dress party and then start after the event pretending to be real cops.
The premise sounds original but unfortunately the plotline isn’t. The film is very predictable and is very short on original laughs. So as you can expect yes they end up arguing and then getting back together for the final showdown. Yes they stumble on some criminals early in the film that will be their main nemisis for the film.
I was really looking forward to seeing this upon hearing how funny it was. But its no 21 Jump Street or white chicks. The friendship between the two pretend cops is very unbelievable also.
I would score it 3/10 and that’s due to the soundtrack and a couple of laughs through the film.